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Project Screening

Take our qualification questionnaire. Captive Power can provide an prompt response as to the viability of a captive power Project.
Intoductory meeting icon
Introductory Meeting

Captive Power’s project team to discuss your needs and concerns
Energy Audit icon
Energy Audit

Review all sources of our clients electrical energy supply to assist and detail their LCOE. We offer our clients a comprehensive Carbon and Energy Strategy Plan, with the ultimate goal of assisting our clients towards carbon neutrality energy efficiency. We aim to reduce our clients energy consumption fist, before designing a captive power solution.
Product review icon
Project Review

Our team confirms the proposed system sizing with a detailed savings analysis , your proposal will include the project value and customized payment program.
Binding Project icon
Binding Project Submission

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Installation and Commissioning

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Operations Icon
Operations and Maintenance

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Development Process
What we offer our Clients:

Captive Power provides all initial technical, regulatory and legal support to develop a Project to financial close. Captive Power provides a turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction (“EPC”) or finances the Project on behalf of our clients.
An aeial view of solar engineers tanding around a solar panel that they are using as a table. It looks like they are having a discussion as one engineer is pointing to part of a plan that is on paper.
What we offer Developers:

Development capital to progress Projects to financial close and financing for Captive Power approved Projects.
What we offer Funders:

Attractive, fully wrapped, bankable Projects in frontier markets
Collaborating with Captive Power: Top-down approach

Captive Power has a “tried and tested” development process for upgrading and developing C&I power projects in Africa. We focus on client inclusion, transparency and accountability, while never relinquishing on quality of our Project
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